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Chris Bosh Agrees With ESPN's Jalen Rose: Big Three Should Get Their Own Statue

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With the Miami Heat battling for a higher playoff seed — while at the same time making money moves in trading Tyler Johnson and Wayne Ellington to the Phoenix Suns to save cap space — an urgent question arises: Should the Big Three get a statue in front of the American Airlines Arena?

Yup. Pressing debates only. We're diving deep into matters that pertain to events five-plus years ago.

Former Heat Star Chris Bosh was asked what he thought about immortalizing himself, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James on the ESPN Jalen and Jacoby podcast this week, and he offered to build it himself. We think he was joking. We're sure he knows how to build statues, though.
While Bosh admits in the clip he's never thought about the trio having a monument to their time in Miami, he seems quite open to the idea.

Wade is being honored in just about every possible way. The Heat will likely invent new ways to celebrate him. But when it comes to the Big Three, a statue that keeps them fresh for generations of Heat fans to come makes a lot of sense.

The 2010-2014 stretch will likely go down as the Heat's best four-year run in history. There were two titles and four straight NBA Finals appearances. Every eyeball in the country was glued to the pressure, the big moments, and the clutch performances. The Heat delivered everything promised when Bosh and LeBron teamed up with Wade in Miami to do something no one had done before.

So there you have it — Chris Bosh wants a statue. Sort of. He agrees if you think he deserves one, anyway. 
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