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Chris Rock Flashes Palm Beach Fashion in New Film

That's the trailer for the new Chris Rock documentary, about the torment of African-American women endure for their hair. At about the two-minute mark, you'll see Rock wearing a sweatshirt that says "Palm Beach."

No, he doesn't live in Palm Beach. Rather, Rock lives in perhaps the only neighborhood in the nation that is equally, if not more exclusive: Alpine, N.J., the zip code with the highest median home value in the U.S. at $4.14 million. What's it like living in a neighborhood more exclusive than Palm Beach? Fortunately for us, Rock addressed that question in an instant classic comedy bit that I've posted after the jump.

An article in New York Magazine contains the joke's next few lines:

And he isn't like the greatest dentist in history either. I had to host the Oscars to get that house -- a black dentist in my neighborhood would have to invent teeth."
Four black homeowners in Alpine? So now the question: Is that more than in Palm Beach?

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