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Christopher Chaney Just Couldn't Keep His Celebrity Hacking a Secret

In case you aren't one of the ridiculously cultured sirs who read Gentleman's Quarterly, let this be a heads-up to you that the latest issue has a feature on Christopher Chaney, the Jacksonville man who used Google and the "I forgot my password" button to hack into the email accounts of Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, and 50 others, eventually leaking at least one nude photo of Johansson.

The article recounts how Chaney sneaked into the accounts, quietly set them up to forward copies of all emails to his account, then moved on to the next one. All, he says, just to see if he could.

"It's the whole Star Trek thing," he told GQ. "Going where no man has gone before."

And while Chaney said he was excited to watch films develop in the inboxes of producers, he was also getting an inside look at the lives of celebrities past the few saucy photos that got out -- who was dating, who was breaking up, who was "batting for the other team." Interestingly, Chaney still refuses to name names and said he had far more nude photos than the ones that got out.

"I didn't want fame," he said to the national magazine that featured the story on its cover. "It was a personal thing."

Eventually, though, he couldn't keep it a secret -- and neither could the people he told. He pleaded guilty to wiretapping charges last month and is facing 60 years in prison. Check out GQ for the whole tale.

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