"Chuck Norris" Weed Comes to South Florida

"Chuck Norris" Weed Comes to South Florida

A strain of marijuana named for the eye-straining, diminutive ass-kicker, the modern folk legend known as Chuck Norris, has reached the streets of South Florida, according to a source involved with local law enforcement. The designer pot, which originally popped up in California pot dispensaries last month, is apparently available from Miami to Port St. Lucie.

The strain, which is said to have a blue tint, was originally sold as "Chuck Norris' Black and Blue Dream" because it has "a real kick to it." It's unclear exactly how the strain came to be sold in Florida.

Norris, star of about a million hilariously inane jokes, Walker Texas Ranger, and the Conan O'Brien's Walker Texas Ranger Lever (see below), has made it clear that he doesn't appreciate the allusion. A Norris representative told TMZ.com, "This is definitely not an authorized use of his name."

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