"Cinema Dave" Imposter on Loose

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking: "Who the fuck is Cinema Dave?"

Well, he's Dave Montalbano, an erstwhile film critic with a web page who contributes reviews to the Deerfield Observer, that's who. And apparently someone has been carrying out their diabolical anti-Phoebe Flowers agenda using Cinema Dave's good name.

The imposter apparently struck here at the Pulp back in late May when I wrote about the Sun-Sentinel killing local film reviews by moving Flowers to other assignments (from what I can tell, she's now writing about TV -- how's that for an improvement?). The imposter wrote in a comment under the post:

Phoebe has a bad habit of offending readers of her blog, questioning their masculinity and calling them "stupid" for liking Everybody Loves Raymond. I will not miss seeing her name in the Sun-Sentinel.

But doesn't everybody love Raymond? What is this blasphemy? The real Cinema Dave isn't taking it sitting down, thankfully. Or, well, I guess he is, but he's typing on his computer while he's at it. Here's what he wrote the Pulp:

Hi Bob,

This is the real Cinema Dave, not the twisted individual who

uses my name in vain.

In late spring, this indivdual began using my name on Phoebe's blog. I saw entries that I did not write appear on her blog with my name. Phoebe and I became aware of this indivdual's sick game a few months ago.

Given the date of the fake Cinema Dave entry, it was the same date that I had to add a security function on my website.

I had receved some harsh attacks on my website. Then this sad indivdual started to attack my regular visitors. I posted some comments on my blog, but had to sheild this individual's deluded comments from my website.

If anyone cares, I have a link to my offical statement from my Cinema Dave blog with regards to the sad state of the Sun Sentinel newspaper;


Oddly enough, in that link you'll find that the real Cinema Dave indeed had a cyber-argument with Flowers over ... Ray Romano. Yes, the fake Cinema Dave obviously possesses intelligence and cunning, but I think, together, we can find him. If you know who the culprit is, please report him to the Pulp. When we find this delusional and sick individual we'll be sure to question his masculinity, belittle Ray Romano in his presence, and almost surely offend him mightily.

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Bob Norman
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