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City Link Editor Explains the Death of the Alt-Weekly Published by Sun-Sentinel

​City Link, the weekly newspaper published by the Sun-Sentinel and its parent, Tribune Company, is officially toast as of next week -- mostly.

The folks at City Link didn't respond New Times' inquiries last month when we got wind of its impending doom, but now we've got the official explanation.

Long story short, City Link editor Jake Cline explains, "[T]he magazine as you know it -- as we know it -- will be no more."

Cline posted the details about the future of the weekly paper on the Sentinel's website today, explaining that something named City Link will exist, but it isn't a weekly paper.

The December 28 edition will be the last, and will then be merged with Showtime, the entertainment guide that's packaged with the Sentinel.

Here's how Cline explains where the City Link label goes:

The City Link name, meanwhile, will live on with the Sun-Sentinel's Forum Publishing Group. Throughout 2012, FPG will publish six "event editions" of the magazine, including a "Beer and Wine Issue," a "Sex Issue" and a "Best Of." The first edition will be published in late February in conjunction with the March 2 City Link BeerFest. Expect to see some familiar names in the new City Link, including staff writer and fashion columnist Joanie Cox.

Expect the reincarnation on January 6.

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