City Link Issues Unrubberized Checks

A month ago this blog reported that Fort Lauderdale Police officers who worked security for City Link's Beerfest had their checks bounce -- a consequence related to Sun-Sentinel parent Tribune Company's bankruptcy proceedings.

Now Lt. Mitch Vansant, who retired from the force Jan. 31, tells Juice that, "My personnel received their checks and put them in their banks and they haven't bounced yet. So I think we're good." Granted, this is three months after the Nov. 28 event, but hey, better late than never.

Police security may be a bit harder to come by for the next City Link-sponsored event, though it's not Vansant's call. "That's up to the Parks and Recreation Department to decide that in the future," he says. "My personal recommendation is that things are put in place before that event was to happen."

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