Claire Mitchel Tribute

There is an insane standoff around a bank on Miami Beach happening right now. Apparently, robbers hit the Commercial Bank of Florida on 41st Street. Then they got separated and police nabbed one man. Now the others are threatening to shoot people if they don't release him. A SWAT team is searching a building across the street from the bank for the other robbers. It was on CNN but isn't to be found yet at the Miami Herald website.

(I take that back: There is a little piece about the bank situation on the site. They just haven't put a package together for the home page yet.)

Speaking of the Herald web site, what follows is a little blurb about Herald columnist Claire Mitchel. They're going to have a reception for the 85-year-old writer at the Broward headquarters in Pembroke Pines. She apparently hasn't missed a day in 22 years, but almost failed

to file her column last week:

"Last week, she nearly missed her first column after learning that her daughter, Madelaine, had died of lung cancer in Cincinnati. But she managed to dictate a column to her editor, Rochelle Koff, before leaving for the funeral."

That's dedication, people. No way would I do that.

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