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Clash Between Maestro and Ex Building to Crescendo

With Valentine's Day in the offing, let's take a moment to reflect upon our region's latest, greatest romantic catastrophe. Maestro, please?

Page2Live's Jose Lambiet found a salacious lawsuit that was filed this week against Palm Beach Pops' conductor Bob Lappin. In the complaint, Lappin is accused of subjecting Pops general manager Jill Kaplan, to a bizarre and humiliating sex odyssey. She remained entangled with Lappin, says Kaplan's complaint, only because she wanted to keep her job.

Kaplan tells a particularly vivid of one sexual adventure the couple took to Broward County.

From the complaint:

On a forced visit to a sex club called "Trapeze" in Fort Lauderdale, (Kaplan) ran out of the club after Lappin attempted to force her to engage in sexual conduct with strangers.
On another visit to a sex club, Kaplan alleges that her refusal to cavort with swingers caused Lappin to say, "Don't be a bitch. You're embarrassing me."

Kaplan claims the sex club visits triggered her attempt to resign in January 2009. She was coaxed into remaining on the job but says that Lappin harassed her in the months to follow, leading her to resign for good in late March.

She wants $20 million in damages.

Today, Lappin fired back with his own version of events. As he tells it, the Pops stuck by Kaplan despite a series of personal problems and health setbacks. The letter implies that Kaplan was disappointed with the severance package she got from the Pops. Lappin called Kaplan's allegations "blackmail."

The lesson for those of us outside the orchestra pit: Beware office fever. It can afflict even the
starchy types who go to work in tuxedos and gowns.

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