Clinton-Obama ... That's The Ticket For Dems

Slow week, so I'll opine about a couple of things.

First, the Democratic primaries. H. Clinton is in the catbird seat (even without her Florida victory on the books). She'll get the nomination and all dems should be relieved about that. Why? Because she's more electable than Barack Obama. And that has nothing, by the way, to do with race or gender. In fact, if you look at Obama's most reliable powerbase, it's been in the south and other red states (yesterday he won GA, ALA, ID, CO, AK, etc). Why are they voting for Obama? Easy answer: They can't stand Hillary.

But come next year, those states won't matter to the Dems, because McCain will own them (though we might be surprised by how a Clinton-McCain race goes down). So where is Clinton's strength? Florida, for one, which is always a crucial state. California is another, which may be a battleground state next year. Clinton has the edge in both, which could mean the difference in the election.

Here's another reason to root for the lady: a Clinton-Obama ticket would be close to unbeatable. And an Obama-Clinton duo, in my opinion, will never happen (Hillary has already lived in the White House for eight years; why would she want to be Barack's jr.?).

Of course I could be wrong about that. The only sure thing is that this will be a very interesting election season.

Speaking of seasons, the Heat have some hope this morning with Shaq's probable move to Phoenix. Riley should have traded the big fella after last season when he still could have gotten something of real value from him, but this will at least make it possible to get a little zeitgeist going for next year. But send the Shaq man off with honor -- probably wouldn't have had a championship without him.

But the thought of the big fella huffing and puffing up and down the court with Nash and the rest of the young, speedy Suns does seem an odd fit to me. Who knows?

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