Cobra's Discovery Channel Debut -- Sort Of

It's not exactly prime time, but local bail bondsman William Staubs, AKA "Cobra" --  the star of this week's New Times cover story -- has already received coverage from Discovery's Investigation Channel.

The Criminal Report Daily, David Lohr's blog on the channel's website, chronicles the troubles Cobra encountered when he began searching for Haleigh Cummings, a child who disappeared from her Putnam County home seven months ago.

You can read the full story of Cobra's search, and how it's threatened his career, in "Cobra's Last Stand." The best part of Lohr's blog is that it captures Cobra's persona -- his unique, rambling, hillbilly style of speaking, and the way he's always worried about offending his mother. Here's my favorite quote from Lohr's blog:

"It isn't right," Staubs said. "I missed my momma's birthday [and] now my daughter is getting married [in Canada] on the 22nd. I am supposed to take my momma to Canada. I got her passport and everything ready, but I am now $35,000 dollars in the negative trying to fight this. I am already running a deficit. I mean I was way bad in [debt] but now they have took away my ability to earn a living because, right now, I can't throw anybody on the ground. I can't kick in nobody's doors ... I am on the verge of mental crisis here, from going just flat out teary-eyed, to can't get your thoughts together, to rage, like how could they do this to somebody? This is America, for God sakes."


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