Cocaine Found in Christmas Present Addressed to Florida Woman

With Christmas Day fast approaching, so many of us are still expecting that package to arrive via mail just in time. Some are waiting for that box from Amazon. 

Others are waiting for that package of clothes ordered from the J Crew catalog. 

And others are waiting for two kilos of cocaine to arrive at their doorstep.

It's a holiday crush for everybody!

U.S. Postal Inspectors say that they discovered two kilos of yayo inside a Christmas present that was addressed to an Orlando woman.

The postal inspectors found the coke with drug sniffing dogs, and say that they're constantly looking for suspicious packages on their way to Florida this time of year.

According to inspectors, two large packages arrived from the same person in Puerto Rico in the past week. Both had been Christmas wrapped and sent Express Mail.

The packages were addressed to two different people. When investigators unwrapped the gifts, they found a lot of cookies and a lot of other sweets and snacks. They also found a lot of cocaine.

The postal Inspectors went undercover to one of the addresses, the apartment of a woman named Marla Muriel. When they arrived at the the doorstep, a woman named Bethzaida Albelo told them she was Muriel and confirmed that she was indeed waiting for a package.

But when they confronted her about the coke, she immediately denied that it was her package.

Oh! This package must be for the other Bethzaida Albelo who claims to be named Marla Muriel who had two kilos of coke sent to her!

Albelo then told them that the package was really probably meant for one of her roommates and that she only told them she was Maria because she "was being nosey." (PUN!)

"If we come to your house with a package," said MBI Director Larry Zwieg, "we already know why it's going to you and usually know the story behind it."

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