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Cocoanut Row Closed as Cops Search for Armed Man or Men UPDATE

Update: Police are still searching for what they believe to be at least two suspects. Palm Beach police have not yet confirmed that the suspects or the Honda are tied to the Salgar case, but are urging residents of the neighborhood to stay indoors while the search is going on. Our sister blog, Crossfade, has more on the victim of the murder that launched this search.

Original Post: Police are warning the residents of Palm Beach County to stay inside because at least one armed and dangerous man is on the loose. Although no names have been released, the search is linked to a Miami homicide that took place last night during a home invasion.

There was a lot of violence in Miami last night. A shooting in Liberty City injured ten and killed two. Louis Salgar, a well-known Miami musician and bartender was murdered in his home. So far the cops aren't saying which 305 crime led to the chase up north.

If you choose to go outside, expect to experience some delays. Surprisingly, though, it's not the alleged killer or killers but an empty car that's creating the biggest holdup.

A security guard called police at 5:40 a.m., because a vehicle had crashed into some bushes outside the Breakers, the five-star resort known for its golf course and Sunday brunch. The car was abandoned, but the cops were able to connect it with a man their Miami colleagues were already trying to locate. At 9:15, the Palm Beach Post updated that the car belonged to someone killed in Miami last night, so it presumably was left there by those who killed him.

This morning, Twitter was alight with people complaining about the traffic holdup from a "huge police presence." Traffic at Cocoanut Row, which runs along the west side of the golf course, is being redirected on the north end to Royal Poinciana Way. People who work at the Breakers are being told not to enter the building.

Both the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and the Palm Beach Police are on the scene. Take an alternate route to avoid delays as cops scour the area.

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