Cody Wallace Allegedly Tried to Escape the Cops Twice and Gets Zapped by Taser... Twice

The cops say 22-year-old Cody Wallace tried to run from police officers on two occasions Tuesday -- both attempts ending with Wallace's being blasted by a Taser.

Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy Becky Herrin says Wallace was driving near U.S. 1 and 48th Street in Marathon before being pulled over by deputies for a broken taillight around 9:30 p.m.

The deputy who pulled Wallace over thought he was acting suspicious, so he called in the K-9 unit while he ran Wallace's name through the computer, Herrin says.

As with most police K-9s, this one was pretty good at smelling weed, which sparked a search of the interior of Wallace's car, Herrin says.

One deputy found two cans of beer in the car -- one of them open -- as well as a joint in the back seat, while the other deputy discovered that Wallace was driving on a suspended driver's license, according to Herrin.

Another deputy arrived on the scene, and they broke the news to Wallace that he was going to jail.

Wallace apparently didn't like that idea, so police say he took off running.

After one deputy caught up with Wallace and started a struggle, another deputy came in with the Taser -- taking Wallace into custody without any further incident, Herrin says.

Deputies called paramedics to remove the Taser prongs from Wallace, and police say Wallace was taken to the hospital after complaining to paramedics about chest pain.

One deputy went with Wallace to the hospital, and as another pair of deputies pulled up out front of the hospital, they got a radio call from the other deputy saying Wallace was trying to run away again, Herrin says.

The cops say when the two deputies entered the hospital, they noticed Wallace was already subdued on the ground, because he'd just been blasted with the Taser -- again.

That earned Wallace a free trip to jail, as well as charges of resisting arrest with violence, resisting arrest without violence, battery, escape, marijuana possession, driving with a suspended license, and violating his probation.

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