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Cold Snap Coming Monday Night; Temps Expected to Be in the 30s

Better cut down all the palm trees on your block and build a fire in your living room, because it's going to be cold tonight.

A cold snap is expected to hit South Florida on Monday evening into Tuesday morning, which means you can bust out the pajama pants at night and those winter boots for work (winter boots, ladies!).

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National Weather Service forecasters say some frigid air is coming our way via the North Pole, plunging us into the modern Ice Age with the rest of the country.

What this means is that "feels like" temps might hit as low as the 20s tonight.

Fort Lauderdale is expected to be around the mid-40s come Tuesday morning, with parts of West Palm Beach dipping into the upper 30s.

Meanwhile, a freeze watch has been issued for Glades County and Hendry County starting Monday evening.

Of course, the rest of the country is dealing with subzero temperatures. Places like Chicago reported 15 below and even had to close schools.

Other parts of the country have been pelted with snow and freezing winds. Places like the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are forecast to get slammed by minus-65-degree wind chills.

Come Wednesday down here in South Florida, things will steadily climb back into the mid-70s.

No doubt, of course, that local news will report this as the coming Snowpocalypse and will warn you to bring your pets indoors Monday night, lest you want to wake up and find Mr. Whiskers looking like Han Solo at the end The Empire Strikes Back!

Still, you should bundle up tonight and dust off the kids' jackets for their trek to school tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, come Tuesday afternoon, we can go back to telling our friends who live pretty much everywhere else in the country that they can go ahead and keep on sucking it.

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