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Cold Snap Hitting South Florida Expected to Last Into Next Week


According to weather people, South Florida is about to get hit with another cold snap -- or, as they're calling it, "cooler than normal."

The National Weather Service says "feels-like" temps will be hitting the 30s and 40s in certain parts of our neck of the woods in the coming days, extending into the weekend and maybe even into next week.

And, judging from all your coworkers wearing leather jackets and boots today, you know the chill is already upon us.

High pressure over the Western U.S. and a jet stream have apparently diabolically joined forces and are moving arctic air that normally resides in places that are not Florida into Florida.

Also, the polar vortex is responsible.

In other words, it's going to be colder than it normally is for us living the tropical life, prompting us to dust off those cold coats and prompting people who don't live in Florida to make fun of us for being such ninnies about it.

Thursday has flirted in the 60s and upper 50s, but the National Weather Service says the evening will get cooler, with Friday morning being the coldest we've experienced so far.

The Miami Herald is reporting a freeze watch is in effect for parts of Broward, Palm Beach and Collier counties. Broward and Palm Beach are expected to open homeless shelters.

The main culprit for the "feels-like" chill will be, of course, the wind. If you pop your head out today, you'll notice it's blowing pretty briskly and has a little bite to it.

A couple of cold fronts are expected to blow in over the weekend as well, extending the chill-out weather in South Florida.

Forecasters say temps could dip into the low 40s Saturday night. And on Monday, which is a national holiday where most people don't work, (MLK Day), the weather is forecast to be cool during the day, then chilly at night.

So prepare accordingly, South Florida! Put on your entire wardrobe! Slather your mouth with an entire Chapstick! Take an ax to your coffee table and build a bonfire in your living room!


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