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Collapsible Financial Icons: A Product That Might Actually Sell

Personally, I blame former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan for much of our current economic stress. His decision to keep interest rates ridiculously low all those years ticked me off then and now. With all that cheap credit, it's no wonder Wall Street worshiped him. Maybe you're ticked too. Maybe you fantasize about grabbing Greenspan's bald little head and giving it a good squeeze. Or, perhaps you find Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson more irksome. You think, how come his friends get congressional bailouts, but I don't? Well, for $8.99 you can buy a stress doll in either of their likenesses (the third little squishy fella is current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke) and squeeze away. The stress dolls' creators boast that the figures are "cheaper than a psychologist or Prozac." If only they had thought to make a Bernie Madoff doll....

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Amy Guthrie
Contact: Amy Guthrie