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Come One, Come All

Tomorrow, Hollywood is having its first city commission meeting since Keith Wasserstrom was charged in the Hollywood Sludge case and removed from office by Gov. Jeb Bush. Activist Howard Sher is urging a big turnout to ensure that voters get a chance to replace Wasserstrom rather than the Mara Machine. Here's what he wrote:

"Commission meeting at City Hall this Wed. at 5 PM at citizens' comments we are going to push for an audit of our city by the Florida State Auditor General. If you think this would be a good idea, the more citizens that show up the better chance we will have to get this done. At 5:30PM the Commission will discuss how to fill the Commission seat of Keith

Wasserstrum [sic] who was removed by the Governor because he is charged with committing felonies. The law is clear. The State law says that if there is no provision in the City Charter for temporary appointments, the procedure of permanent appointments must be used. That would amount to an election to be held in Emerald Hills for the district seat. We are concerned that the Commission is going to attempt to appoint a Commissioner on the basis that this is not the typical situation the Charter speaks to. This is bull and a means of appointing another vote for the mayor and her lobbyist friends. It is important that we make a strong showing on this issue. An election may result in a new Commissioner that is not committed to the Mara agenda which might lead to Commission vote not in her favor. If you give a damn please show up and voice your opinion or at least be there to support those of us that will voice strong opinions against appointment."

Okay then. One other thing: Somebody make sure to ask Mara about how she and her son received immunity from prosecution.

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