Compact This

Two things the Pulp needs to address this morning. The first is gambling, specifically Charlie Crist's compact negotiations with the Seminole Tribe over Vegas-style slots. The Sun-Sentinel came out with this non-story this morning about the Indians offering to "phase in" the slot machines, as if anybody cares. Look, right now Crist is bending over the Seminoles (and not in a good way). Giving the tribe a monopoly on blackjack and other table games is a horrible idea for Broward County, one that will hurt tax-paying pari-mutuels that are actually beholden to the state. And the Seminoles are offering what amounts to a pittance (and nothing at all if the Indians don't make $1.35 billion). It's insane. Yet the Sentinel idiotically favors the deal. Here's my take on the matter, which can be boiled down to: Gambling is coming, don't give th store to another nation.

And there's Todd Wright's scoop on Keith Wasserstrom in the Miami Herald this morning that indicates just how craven and stupid a SOB Wasserstrom really is. He sent out an email plea to his contacts to give him a good word for his sentencing. It begins: "I have been convicted of two felonies (something to do with filling out forms improperly -- neither the jury nor I am sure exactly what I did wrong -- no joke).''

He goes on: ''While jail is very unlikely, we are hopeful that your willingness to write a letter on my behalf or testify at the sentencing hearing will make it even more remote.''

Okay, I had said I didn't think he should do much time in jail, but this letter shows that he's just as arrogant and stupid as he was before justice got him by the tail. If that doesn't cinch him a decent stint in jail nothing will.

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