Confirmed: Scheinberg Out At SAO

Ron Ishoy confirmed this morning that prosecutor Howard Scheinberg is leaving the State Attorney's Office and will be employed by Scott Rothstein's law firm in Fort Lauderdale.

Either this is related to the Judge Ana Gardiner expose or it's one hell of a coincidence. Scheinberg allegedly partied with Gardiner while prosecuting a murder trial in her courtroom and talked about the case over drinks at Timpano's.

If this is a sign that Michael Satz is cleaning house on the matter (or at least not circling the wagons around it) then I ask: What is Victor Tobin doing?

Who knows, but it looks like Broward's chief judge is sitting on his hands. The rumor is that he'd like to move Judge Gardiner out of her powerful administrative post (Gardiner is chief criminal judge) and into family court, but she's dug in her heels. Meanwhile, the Gardiner article has been sent to the state Supreme Court by Omar Loureiro's attorney and will almost surely become an issue in Loureiro's death penalty appeal.

Point: The truth will come out and when it does, Tobin will have proven that he's no reformer (unless it's politically expedient, of course) when it comes to Broward's battered judiciary. Instead, he'll have shown that he's just another Broward lackey without the guts to do the right thing.

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