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Congratulations Gators, God Loves You Most

I bet on Florida (-3) in the national championship game. That's right, I actually sort of like the Gators now that Spurrier long gone, and I've always been partial to the SEC. It was just a friendly wager with a friend, though, and by the middle of the game I was sort of pulling for Oklahoma.


Because I noticed that He Who Has Been Chosen To Win Games Of Football, the one and only Tim Tebow, had a white John 3:16 painted into his black smeared under his eyes. Not that I'm against the Bible, but I have an allergic reaction to people wearing it on their body parts. It's bad enough when they where their religion on their sleeves, but on their eyes?

Apparently he does this all the time, which probably means I'll have many years to root against him in the pros, too. He's a missionary too, which will make it that much more fun for me to boo him when he's in town. (Okay, it's true, I am just an uncouth heathen).

What is it with Gators and God? Danny Wuerffel is now a minister who wrote a book all about his close relationship with the Lord titled "Tales From the Gator Swamp: Reflections of Faith and Football." The cover shows him in what looks like fervid prayer on the football field. I don't know if Jesse Palmer is a big flaunting Christian, but his television work is surely boring as church. And Rex Grossman? Well, judging from his performance in Chicago, God must hate him now for some reason.

As for the game, Florida and Tebow were great. Do they deserve the national championship? As much as anyone, but I just can't shake the idea that USC would beat them.

-- I told you about the empty Tao buildings on this blog a while back; today it was on the front page story in the Sun-Sentinel. It goes to show you that what you read here today will often pop up in your local newspaper down the road. Susannah Bryan did a fine job, as she is wont to do, but it was curious she left out the most outrageous part: That Mayor Steven Feren put a deposit down on one of the Tao units even as he was voting for it. Still haven't confirmed though whether he was got their deposit back. 

-- Call it the federal effect. Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary McCarty resigned her office and is apologizing all over the place for getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar by the feds. But what about Deerfield Mayor Al Capellini? He's got rich friends like J. David Eller, publisher of the Deerfield Observer (which may be the worst newspaper in the country, no joke), trying to keep him in office. (To read about Eller's own dubious past with his former business partner Jeb Bush click here). Why? Well, there ain't no play in federal government. It's scary. Capellini and his boosters think they can throw mud at the State Attorney's Office and cry about unfairness and sorts of silly accusations. But it won't work. They got Mayor Al dead to rights.

Plus, the feds are working with the "honest services" law, which is very loosy goosy. If the feds were in South Florida investigating the reporting I've done on, say, Southwest Ranches and Diana Wasserman-Rubin, Stacy Ritter, and Beverly Gallagher, well, we might have some real fireworks in Broward, which I guarantee is more corrupt than Palm Beach (no offense intended).    

-- Speaking of the Sun-Sentinel, condo/consumer/usepaper columnist Daniel Vasquez had a brilliant observation today in his piece on the switch to digital TV: "What's at stake? For the first time since TV was invented, Americans not prepared for the transition will be cut off from public airwaves. And those most likely to fall into that camp -- seniors and low-income folks -- are those most likely to be affected."

Naw. Ya think?

Hey, snark all you will, but he's right. It checks out, logic-wise.

(A hat tip to Keith Hollar for finding that little gem). 

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