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Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Throws Exceedingly Sober (and Lame) Victory Bash. And She Didn't Even Show Up!

One of the major rules of party décor is that you show up to your own shindig. Just don't tell that to Fort Lauderdale Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who skipped her victory bash last night for the national spotlight in Chicago.

She left her supporters, dizzied with political victory, to feed on stale corn chips and goldfish crackers. Not that anyone seemed to care that much. Except us, apparently.

Instead, the party was all about Obama, who defeated M. Willard Romnom last night. And though supporters at the Signature Grand admitted the enthusiasm of 2008 had faded, something more real, more visceral had replaced it. Pragmatism has trumped idealism.

"This time we're not just buying into the hype," said Erin Wood, who had traveled from Dallas for the party. "It's not about his charisma or his immediate appeal. It's faith in his accomplishments and it's now less about the honeymoon period."

But here's to hoping he'll get one this time! With the Romneytrons vanquished once and for all, perhaps a peace will settle over the land, some party attendants mused. "The Tea Party has lost a lot of momentum, which may free up the more moderate Republicans to vote more with their heart and how they actually feel without fear of reprisal," Kyla Cole said.

Such analysis, while we sincerely hope comes to pass, was disappointing for one reason -- it was offered by a surprisingly sober person on a surprisingly sober night. This was a major problem with the Democratic fiesta. Everyone was drinking coffee and tea. It was like you crashed your mom's book club halfway through a rousing discussion of Tuesdays With Morey.

Meanwhile, in a conference room next door, at Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti's postelection party, Republicans got their party on with beer, meats, and wine. We accidentally wandered into this party at first, under the misguided assumption it was for local Democrats. We suspected something was amiss, however, when we noticed only white people were in attendance. But at least these were drunk white people.

Among the Democrats, it was a diverse, coffee-swilling crowd. This was also confusing, but perhaps it was because the bar was cash-only -- and there wasn't an ATM in sight. (Who plans these things???)

Things began to get desperate among several partygoers.

"I love beer!" explained a forlorn Gene Ouellette.

We all do, Gene. We all do.

But at least at this party -- unlike the one thrown by the Republicans -- there were kegs of vindication to guzzle from.

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