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Connie Mack Joins Fellow GOPers in Attacking Obama for Libya

Joining the likes of other people down in recent polls like Mittington Romnom, Allen West: COMMIE HUNTER and people who have become wholly irrelevant like Sarah Palin, Florida Rep. Connie Mack has jumped into the fray of yelling loud things at the president about Libya and terrorist coddling and stuff.

Because the only true solution to all our problems is MOAR WARS AND BOMBS.

Worked for W., right?

Sure did, Cornelius Harvey McGillicuddy IV. Sure did.

Much like RoboRomney, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate has recently taken a giant dip in the polls against incumbent Bill Nelson.

So what do you do in a time like this? Put on yer John Wayne pants and mosey on over to your secretary and tell her to write shit down. Cuz it's bout time that weakling so-called president of ours and that Billy Nelson fella stop playing patty-cakes with them terrorists.

Connie Mack's statement:

"With riots in North Africa and in Venezuela it is clear that international-terrorist movements are thumbing their nose at America all over the world. We need a foreign policy that does not leave our allies wondering where we stand. Instead of spending precious time "investigating" the tragedies of Libya as Bill Nelson suggests, we need leaders who will take decisive action to defend our nation and our allies and who will always stand for freedom. It's time for the President to act decisively."

We need to stop investigatin' and figuring out which group exactly is behind these attacks and carpet-bomb the shit out of everybody because these colors don't run don't tread on me world police yeeeeeehhhaaawwwwwwwww!

Pssst... GOPers. Hi. Hello. How are you? Down in the polls lately, eh? Bummer, man. That's a total bummer.

Maybe you should try coming up with some kind of definitive plan to fix the economy and not utterly implode the middle class while you do it. I know it's tough, but people seem to respond to, you know, help rather than bombastic cowboy hootin' and hollerin'.

No? Still sticking with attacking the president with a bag full of horseshit, eh? Huh. Well. Good luck with that!

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