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Connie Mack Writes Letter to Obama: Everyone Hates You, You Ruin Everything

How mad is Rep. Connie Mack at Barack Obama? So mad. And Big Socialist Barry is going to be on a tour of Florida in the next few days, so it looks like Mack decided to get all hopped up on scotch and 5-Hour Energy drinks and write a really mean letter to him in the newspaper.

Can't confirm the scotch and 5-Hour Energies (try it; you'll like it), but Mack definitely wrote a mean letter. It serves the double purpose of also being a mean letter to Bill Nelson, whom Mack is looking to run against in November for Senate. To give you a feel for the tone of the letter, the headline in the News-Press is "Ask for Forgiveness."

"Despite everything that you and Senator Nelson have done to set them back, the people of Southwest Florida remain among the most determined, optimistic, and entrepreneurial people anywhere," he writes. "You wanted to be a transformational president and you are. Working in lockstep with Senator Nelson, you have -- in large measure -- nationalized our banking system, our automobile companies, and most of our insurance industry."

OH SNAP. You hear that, Obama? You nationalized all our shit. Yeah, so George W. Bush was the one who initiated the emergency bailout of GM and Chrysler; so what? And maybe Chrysler, in the form that emerged from bankruptcy, paid back those bailout loans six years early, and maybe those same loans helped GM post record profits instead of laying off untold thousands, and maybe the loans to Chrysler Financial Services actually made taxpayers $22.4 million, but YOU ARE RUNNING FORD, OBAMA. How dare you. Say sorry. Right now.

(For those of you keeping an honest score, yes, the Treasury Department estimates the bailout will cost taxpayers about $24 billion. That's about as much as the oil-company subsidies that congressional Democrats wanted to redirect. That money -- which is sent to oil companies like BP, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron, is sent to them every year. It was blocked by -- you guessed it -- Republicans.)

But yeah, let's blame Obama for the whole "banks are being awful" thing. That bank bailout may have also started with Bush, but there certainly aren't any Republicans anywhere who are embarrassingly friendly with banks. Also let's ignore the $14 billion sent every year to JP Morgan alone, because that might raise questions of whose bright idea that was, and it wasn't Obama's.

And insurance, oh lawd, the insurance. Forget that single-payer and public-option plans for the health-care law were scrapped in favor of letting private businesses maintain complete control of the insurance industry outside of Medicaid. It's been nationalized, and look at all the evidence Mack uses to back it up:
You and Senator Nelson have hijacked America's health care system, begun to destroy that which has been the envy of the world, and taken away the basic rights of Americans to choose the health care they want and to do so in an affordable manner.
"Envy of the world"? "Affordable manner"? Mack knows about these things -- he must, because he's writing about them, right? Someone had to have informed him that health care costs more in the United States than anywhere else on the damned planet, even though we're 50th in the world in life expectancy. Someone had to have told him this was bad. Has he seen the horrifying graphs this guy is making? Here's one of them. This is what Mack considers "the envy of the world":

To be fair, Mack is doing his part to help the health-care issue -- he filed two pointless bills to repeal the health-care law, because the GOP is just so pumped to "repeal and replace" the health-care law. You've done your part to repeal, Congressman Mack, so where's the replace? Or are your bills as bad as your letters, full of election-year hot air instead of actual ideas and solutions? Your old, rotting "Penny Plan" is an insult to the intelligence of everyone who received your illegal mailer, and your campaign has thus far consisted entirely of "Look! Bill Nelson is so bad. Vote for me." When will we get something to take seriously?

Mack also tells Obama that "you and Senator Nelson should be asking for our forgiveness. There is little doubt that years from now historians will regard your presidency as one of the worst in American history." See that trick? Obama is awful because HISTORY.

He concludes with "Election Day, November 6, cannot come soon enough."

At least he got the date right.

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