Convicted Rapist Landlord Doesn't Get His Rent Check on Time, Allegedly Lights Tenant on Fire

There are a few ways 58-year-old convicted child rapist Jonathan Steinberg could've gotten his overdue rent check, but allegedly lighting his tenant on fire apparently wasn't such a good idea.

Boynton Beach cops say Steinberg was in an argument with 52-year-old Ronald Rohde over rent money yesterday evening on the 1600 block of NE Fourth St.

The cops say Steinberg's next move included his roommate's boxer shorts, a screwdriver, rubbing alcohol, and a source of fire.

Steinberg left the argument, grabbed some rubbing alcohol, and got back into the argument, according to police.

That's when the cops say he doused his roommate's undies with rubbing alcohol while a third person in the house attempted to intervene.

While Rohde says Steinberg was attacking him with a screwdriver, Rohde happened to notice his underwear was on fire, police say.

Like any good episode of Cops, Rohde got naked and called 911.

Rohde was taken to a nearby hospital and was released shortly after being treated for minor to moderate burns.

Steinberg took a ride to the Palm Beach County Jail and is being held to face a charge of aggravated battery.

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