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Cops Arrest Man Obsessed With Fox News After He Threatens to Kill Liberal Girlfriend

Son of Sam had talking dogs. This guy has Steve Doocy.

Lake Park resident David A. Kappheim, who is apparently obsessed with Fox News and the Republican Party, is in jail after he threatened to kill his liberal girlfriend.

According to a police report, the 60-year-old Kappheim was involved in a number of incidents with his 59-year-old girlfriend before getting arrested.

For starters, he showed up to her friend's house totally naked. Later, he tried to strangle his lady, then kill her in a car crash.

When she called the cops and they asked him what's the deal with all the nakedness and the wanting-to-strangle-his-girlfriend shenanigans, he told them that "he was very conservative and she was liberal." So "he felt that we was going to have to kill her."

All righty

Kappheim admitted to Palm Beach County cops that he tried to kill his girlfriend -- whose name was withheld from the police report -- three times.

The couple had been living together, but eventually she grew tired of all the crazy and asked him to move out. Kappheim asked to borrow her car so he can get his stuff. She said yes, but he had to take her to work first, and already you know that this ride-to-work idea isn't going to end well.

On the way to her job, Kappheim allegedly started driving "recklessly," and when she pleaded with him not to kill her, he apparently started laughing maniacally.

Showing up to her friend's house ass-raving naked should have maybe tipped her off that getting into a vehicle with this dude wasn't such a swell idea.

When cops cuffed him, Kappheim threw a fit and kicked a sheriff's car door, knocking it out of alignment.

Deputies found papers and documents that led them to believe Kappheim was "obsessed with Fox News and the Republican Party."

Kappheim is being held at the Palm Bach County jail without bail after cops arrested him on Tuesday. He is facing charges of domestic battery, aggravated assault, and criminal mischief. 

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