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Cops: Babysitter Puts Kid in Stroller, Loads Him Onto a Truck Bed and Goes for a Ride (Video)

The Daytona Beach cops got a few 911 calls yesterday when they happened to notice an 8-month-old boy in a stroller hanging out in the bed of a pickup truck that was cruising around town.

According to an arrest affidavit, 23-year-old Keyona Nichole Davis was babysitting an 8-month-old boy when she decided to pull the old baby-in-stroller-in-truck-bed routine, which didn't fly too well with the coppers.

Police caught up with the truck, only after police say it was driven with the baby cargo "on two of the most traveled roadways and intersections in the county."

The cops say Davis "should have reasonably concluded" that driving with a stroller-bound baby in the bed of a pickup truck is "a highly dangerous situation and incredibly unsafe," and she was arrested on a child-neglect charge, while the driver was cited for careless driving, the report states.

Police contacted the little boy's mother after the incident and she took him back into her custody uninjured, and the cops say she "was in tears as I told her about the incident."

According to arrest records from Volusia County, this marks Davis' seventh arrest since she turned 18.

And thanks to the Daytona Beach Police Department, we have a video of the event, which you can check out below:

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