Edson Ramirez-Jaimes
Edson Ramirez-Jaimes
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Cops: DUI Suspect Says He Doesn't Remember Causing "Fireball" Crash That Killed Woman

After Edson Ramirez-Jaimes allegedly blew through some red lights and crashed into an SUV, causing a "fireball" and killing the driver on Christmas Eve, the cops say he told them he never even remembered driving.

According to documents from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Ramirez-Jaimes, 23, was driving his Toyota Corolla at high speed down Military Trail, as a witness watched him blow through the red lights.

The witness told police he was behind the Corolla when he saw it get in a crash ahead of him that caused an "immediate fireball."

When a sheriff's deputy arrived on the scene, the SUV Ramirez-Jaimes allegedly crashed into was "completely on fire" and he couldn't even tell if there was anyone in the vehicle, according to a police report.

The sheriff's office says the driver of the SUV died at the scene.

Ramirez-Jaimes' passenger was found injured in some grass near the car, and he was taken to a nearby hospital after sustaining "serious bodily injury," the report states.

Ramirez-Jaimes voluntarily gave blood samples to police, as the cops say he smelled like alcohol and had trouble walking without help.

A sheriff's deputy interviewed Ramirez-Jaimes to ask him what happened.

According to the police report, Ramirez-Jaimes said he went to two clubs and had some drinks but didn't remember anything about driving.

The cops say Ramirez-Jaimes didn't have a driver's license, and he told police that he's never had a driver's license in his life.

Ramirez-Jaimes has been charged with DUI manslaughter, vehicle homicide, DUI with serious bodily injury, and not having a driver's license, according to the sheriff's office.

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