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Cops: Michael Nicholas Russo And His Accomplice Texted Each Other After Mugging Two Ladies

Nineteen-year old Michael Nicholas Russo was arrested by Palm Beach County cops last night and charged with mugging two elderly women last April with a buddy of his. What finally cracked the case? Russo's alleged accomplice, Adam Bardisa's iPhone had text messages from the two about the crime:

"Yo how bout my mom just me on the news on a scooter robbing 2 old ladies and there opening an investigation...Bro wtf!"

The correspondence wasn't exactly John Dillinger-esque.

Russo, who is obviously the brains of this modern day Butch & Sundance, responded to Bardista and told him to delete the texts:

"Yo you were guna be going to newyork very soon nigga u gota stay far away from police bruh and another thin if either of us get arrested don't say shit bout me and I Wont say shit bout u either and delete all those texts that have anything to with it rite now.
Bardista responded with an "already did". But he must've gotten distracted by a funny picture of cats doing silly things on the internet because he evidently never deleted the texts.

Police were able to check through the phone records and discovered the two chatting it up as they prepared to rob their victims.

According to the arrest report, Russo texted Bardisa at 2:41 AM on the morning of the crime:
"Hurry nigga right wen he leaves"
Bardisa's response:

"I gotta wait a min some dude she knows stopped and is talking to her"

Cops got a search warrant on the cell phone and not only found the text messages, but a picture of Bardisa sitting in Russo's Cadillac in the parking lot where they committed the crime with the money they had just stolen spread out on his lap.

Russo is currently still in custody and is charged with strong arm robbery, aggravated battery on a person over 65 years of age (the victims were 84 and 96 years old) and accessory after the fact. No word yet on whether he tried to paint a picture of a tunnel on a wall to get away from the cops like Wile E. Coyote. "Yo, daggy, dis shit is tha perfect getaway, bro," he probably thought to himself.

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