Cops Say Brandon Hollis Tried to Rob a Guy for His iPhone -- Until That Guy Sat on Him

Here's one way of ending an armed robbery when the guy with the gun is 5-foot-5, 128 pounds -- sit on him.

That's what happened with 18-year-old Brandon Hollis' armed robbery attempt yesterday, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

According to the BSO, Hollis set up a transaction with a man on Craigslist to buy an iPhone, and brought his gun to the Pompano Beach Apartment.

Police say Hollis pulled out the gun at the point most people would pull out money, chambered a round, and told the man with the phone -- 25-year-old Serkan Demir -- to hand it over.

Demir decided to grab the gun instead, and began fighting Hollis -- who would technically be a super-featherweight according to World Boxing Association standards.

As we spoiled the surprise earlier, Demir won that fight, which ended up with him sitting on top of Hollis.

According to the sheriff's office, two other men helped subdue Hollis until they arrived at the apartment complex and arrested him.

Hollis was booked into the Broward County Jail on a charge of armed robbery.

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