Cops Say Israel Rosado's Farts Were "Unbearable" -- and He Pulled Out His Penis

Israel Rosado was discharged from the emergency room at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce on December 17 but told a cop working an off-duty detail at the hospital that he wasn't leaving until he got a free meal.

Police say that between that statement and his trip to jail, Rosado pulled out his penis, urinated on the floor, and cut such smelly farts that the cops described them as "unbearable."

Let's start at the hospital.

According to a police report first obtained by TC Palm, Rosado said he wasn't leaving the hospital until he got a meal, but the cops said he had to leave.

Instead, police say Rosado pulled out his penis and urinated on the floor.

Rosado then told the cops he needed a ride, so police told him to go use the phone in the hospital lobby.

Meanwhile, cops got the call from dispatch over the radio that Rosado had "mental problems," according to the report.

Police again asked Rosado to leave the emergency-room area, and police say Rosado again said he wanted a meal.

Another officer informed police at the scene that Rosado had been calling 911 earlier that day asking for rides, apparently so many times that a supervisor had to show up and tell him that 911 was for emergencies only, according to the report.

At that point, Rosado was placed under arrest for misusing 911 and trespassing after being warned.

According to the police report, "As I was patting the suspect down for weapons he continued to pass gas. The aroma was unbearable."

Rosado was eventually transported to the St. Lucie County Jail without incident, according to the cops.

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