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Cops Say Marvin Broadway Attempted an Armed Robbery, Got Shot by the Victim, Then Took His Clothes Off

Marvin Broadway had a team, according to police, and attempted to rob a man behind the Gold Buyers store on the 5100 block of North Federal Highway. Unless the idea was to get arrested not wearing any clothes, the robbery did not go according to plan.

With a lookout nearby and a 19-year-old woman waiting in a getaway car, the gold-toothed Broadway approached Oleg Flyaster in an alley behind the store and demanded at gunpoint that Flyaster "give up the money," according to court documents.

So Flyaster shot him.

Broadway, wounded in the shoulder, ran off with the lookout, but it appears that at some point, the two got separated. From the probable-cause affidavit:
Witnesses also stated that they observed [Broadway] throw a hand gun (which was recovered) and taking his clothes off and discarding them (which was also recovered with a mask). Officers Will and Perez made contact with [Broadway] at arrest location laying on the ground and bleeding from his right shoulder in only his boxer shorts.
The officers then asked Broadway what happened.

"Robbery," he replied and was arrested.

The alleged lookout, 22-year-old Carlton Lowe, was stopped in the getaway car with Taylor Miller, the driver, about half a mile from Broadway's mostly naked arrest. All three of them have been charged with armed robbery, with an additional charge for Broadway for wearing a mask during the commission of a felony.

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