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Cops: Woman Arrested for Pulling Gun on Man While Having Sex in a Moving Car

Here's a fun story: Girl has sex with a dude while he drives his car, girl pulls out a gun, dude swerves cross several lanes, car hits a tree, dude punches girl in the face. The end.

According to Charlotte County Sheriff's detectives, that's exactly what happened when 26-year-old Amanda Jean Linscott allegedly pulled a gun on the guy she was having sex with in a moving car

The incident began last week on September 2, when the victim -- whose name has not been released -- and two of his buddies went to the Paddy Wagon Irish Pub in Port Charlotte. When the bar closed, they invited two girls they met to one of the friend's home.

This guy thought he was totally gonna tap that. And he did. But he also wrecked his car and got a gun pulled on him. Women. Amiright, fellas? 

The victim says that he and Linscott's friend ended up having sex that night. The girl then allegedly told him she needed $250. He didn't have that kind of cash, so he ended up giving her the $120 that he had on him.

Later that night, the guy decided he would call her cell and see about meeting up. When he got to the place they arranged to meet, however, he found Linscott by herself.

She claimed that her friend -- the girl the victim originally hooked up with -- had bailed on her. Undeterred in wanting to have more of the sex and apparently not taking a hint that the girl he got with earlier who took his money and then stood him up and her friend might be trouble, the victim was all, Hey, you and I can get it on, at Linscott.

She was all, Aww yeah, let's do it.

And so the two got into his car and had sex while he drove. The car was reportedly a Nissan, which is a total chick magnet.

As they were having sex, Linscott pulled a revolver on the victim demanding his money. Finally learning his lesson, the man refused. A scuffle then ensued as he tried to grab the weapon from her hand. Just like in the movies!

Maybe it was because he took his hands off the wheel, or maybe it was because he was driving half-naked, or maybe it was because there was a scuffle, but the car swerved across some lanes, drove over across two lawns, and slammed into a palm tree in the 1200 block of Dewhurst Street.

Linscott fled the scene, but she was eventually caught and charged with armed robbery and is being held without bond.

Cops say that an elderly man, who was in a nearby driveway, told deputies that his daughter, Amanda Linscott, was in a car accident and that she had been punched in the face.

You mean the girl who was banging a man she had met just a few hours ago and then tried to rob at gunpoint while she was having sex with him?, deputies probably asked.

That's my girl! the old man probably proudly responded.

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