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Cops: Woman Hit Husband With a Brick and Then Called Police to Report She Was Attacked

Boynton Beach Police say a woman who called them Tuesday to report her husband had attacked her was actually the one who did the attacking.

Natacha Jean-Baptiste, 41, was arrested after cops showed up responding to her call, only to find that she allegedly hit her husband in the face with a brick.

When they found her husband, they saw that the right side of his face was bruised and swollen, which experts would tell you is a clear sign that someone was indeed hit in the face with a brick.

When police arrived at the 3500 block of SE Second Street on Tuesday night to investigate the domestic-dispute call, they met and spoke to Jean-Baptiste. She told them that her husband had hit her in her chest "multiple times." The husband's name was withheld from the police report.

Cops looked for Jean-Baptiste's husband and eventually found him at a nearby Walmart with visible fresh injuries.

According to the report, he told them that Jean-Baptiste attacked him with a large rock.

Police took him back home and eventually found said rock, which turned out to be a concrete brick.

When cops asked Jean-Baptiste about her husband's injuries, she told them that he must have paid someone to hurt him.

The guy apparently must have hired a wolverine, because the police report says he has cuts, a swollen face, and bite marks on his left arm and stomach.

Police arrested Jean-Baptiste. She is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail without bond and is facing aggravated battery charges.

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