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Coral Springs Is the Best Neighborhood in Broward, and Here's Why

Welcome to Coral Springs, the best neighborhood in Broward County. I'm not just saying that; I've lived the dream for 20-plus years. You might be saying to yourself, "Hey, I've been to Coral Springs -- you're crazy." Well, you would be right -- craaaaazy about my love for the city my parents moved our shivering Ohio asses to in the early '80s!

Coral Springs is one of the fastest-growing cities not just in South Florida but in the WORLD. Well, I don't have any data to back that up, but they just built a BJ's Brewhouse in like a month, so it's basically Tokyo if you ask me. In 1963, a couple of dudes almost called Coral Springs "Quartermore," probably because back in 1963 paying a quarter more for something meant it was freaking fantastic, but they settled on Coral Springs; then they invented Facebook. OK, fine, you saw the movie; I'm lying again. But seriously, even dogs in Coral Springs have a Facebook page, so they should get at least a mention in Social Network 2.

Below, you will find ten non-negotiable reasons Coral Springs is the best place to live in Broward, followed by Craigslist apartment ads, followed by my personal information so we can be best friends and get our families together for the holidays.

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