Coral Springs Mayor No-Shows Local Author

But the appearance was still "an absolute success."

The Coral Springs man who spent 20 years writing his self-published epic poem says Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook mentioned ahead of time that he might show up at the local Waldenbooks last weekend to see the local writer in person at a book signing. Brook didn't show, but William Brower Jr., author of Chronicles of the Dragon's Bane, says he still got a big crowd.

He says he stopped counting at 30.


"I'm absolutely flabbergasted," Brower said of the enthusiastic local crowd of homegrown fantasy fans. "It was absolutely surreal."

I'm a fan of Brower's; his persistence is more than admirable. Plus his book is quick, entertaining, and full of grammatical errors. He says they are intentional -- a way to help students learn as they read.

He says Waldenbooks has invited him back for another appearance.

If you're curious, the book-jacket description of Dragon's Bane:

"A world engulfed in turmoil and war awaits for the Chosen One who written of in an ancient prophecy. Instead of a steadfast hero, Phillip is the son of a Magistrate with limited knowledge of warfare. Yet he bears the mark in the ancient text and there for must take it upon himself to unite the various tribes before the coming of the Dark War. An age when absolute evil reigns above all. A shy warrior, a noble blade, mystical armor, and agents of evil await the reader in the first book of the series."


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