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Corrine Brown: Because This Senate Race Needs Some Crazy

If Jacksonville U.S. Rep Corrine Brown should become U.S. Sen. Corrine Brown, can we expect a whole crew of city (and state and possibly federal workers) to come to her home to stop the next tropical storm? After all, it's pretty ridiculous that she had to call "several" times during the last one, in August.

Now, I know everybody sounds a bit crazy when his or her roof is caving in, and it's hard to resist pulling political strings when it means saving one's home, but this is only the most video-friendly episode in Brown's bizarre political career. She's weathered all kinds of ethics charges: that her congressional staff was working at her private business; ties to the disgraced Rev. Henry Lyons, a black Baptist preacher imprisoned for stealing from his church; a daughter accused of accepting a $50,000 car from a man connected to a wealthy Gambian and who was imprisoned for bribing public officials. And that's only a part of her wonderful, crazy story. But taking on a high-roller like Meek? That would take the crazy cake.

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Thomas Francis