Could Duplicate Voter Registration Be a Problem in Broward County?

A new Florida Watchdog report says that a computer software company found that 44 voter ID card were issued to the same person in Miami-Dade, raising questions and concerns about voter registration issues.

The company, AddinSolutions Inc., says that Florida's Division of Elections is not cross checking records in order to avoid the error, according to the report.

Elections officials in Miami-Dade claim it was a clerical error.

As for Broward County, no such analysis was made, and there have been no reports of that many ID cards being sent to one person.

Broward County Supervisor of Elections' Public Services Director Mary Cooney tells New Times that there have been no issues of this kind in Broward, even during the recent mass mailings when precincts shifted.

"I've not heard of any issues when we send out ID cards," Cooney says. "And we don't send IDs unless there's a change in address, or a precinct."

Overall, duplicate registrations aren't illegal or fraudulent, since cards are re-issued when a person changes their address or their name. A problem mat arise when old information is left on the registration rolls, and without someone double-checking.

But, as Cooney says, things went smoothly when the county issued new IDs after reorganizing hundreds of voting precincts in order to alleviate lines.

"We sent out new IDs when we re-precincted," Cooney says. "That was the last mailing we did."

But AddinSolutions Inc. owner Andrew Ladanowsk told Miami-Dade's Supervisor of Elections that someone had voted twice in person in the November 2012 election. He also found that someone cast seperate absentee ballots in Gainesville and in Miami.

And while that was blamed on clerical error, Ladanowsk says that counties need to communicate with each other to prevent someone from voting twice in two separate counties.

Ladanowski's analysis can't verify if it was a clerical error, or something worse, like voter fraud.

The analysis found no evidence of voter fraud.

Ladanowski just wants to make sure there is more communication between counties to assure that there isn't fraud.

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