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Couple Arrested for Having Sex on the Beach

A Boynton Beach man and his special lady friend were arrested after cops caught them having sex on a Manalapan beach.

The result was lewd behavior and indecent exposure charges for both, as well as a couple of fantastic mug shots that tell the tale of their crime.

Manalapan police were called onto the beach near Ocean Inlet Park by witnesses reporting two people frolicking naked on the beach.

The responding officer arrived on the scene and spotted Ward Powell, 53, of Boynton Beach and Tanya Wheeler, 34, of Greenville, South Carolina, banging on the sand.

According to the arrest affidavit, the officer spotted the couples' junk as he approached, which seems like a totally unnecessary thing to write in an arrest affidavit about a couple having sex in a public place.

According to police, Powell claimed that he and Wheeler had decided to go skinny-dipping in the water, and, well, "one thing led to another," and ping: SEX!

Both Wheeler and Powell were arrested and charged with lewd behavior and indecent exposure.

They were later released on their own recognizance from the Palm Beach County Jail.

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