Craigslist Ad Offers 50K for Casey Anthony Info

Even though she's been out of custody and ducking underground for the last year and a half, it's been a busy few weeks for America's most hated parental unit.

The latest updates came with a one-two punch: first, word that an appellant court had decided to drop two of the remaining guilty charges on Anthony's file; following close was news that Anthony's financial situation had forced her into bankruptcy.

Bringing up the rear on the recent newsfeed is a strange Craigslist posting offering big money for details on Anthony's current life. The post claims the 26-year-old is hiding out in a beachfront gated development in Cape Canaveral.

The post went up last Wednesday, and since has been yanked from the site. According to the Examiner, here's the text:

I am a national-media investigative reporter who lives in Cocoa Beach.
Casey Anthony is living in the Ocean Woods gated community in Cape
Canaveral. I am offering as much as $50,000 to anyone who can deliver
the actual address to me -- or any sources who have been eyewitnesses to
her whereabouts and/or activities here. I am particularly interested in
eyewitness accounts of the incident that happened at the Sandbar
restaurant recently.

I will also pay $$$ to anyone who can lead me to actual sources who
have real information -- and will pay them as well. THIS IS A SERIOUS

Bullshit? That's a lot of cash to purported toss around just for some details on Anthony's life. Then again, desperate national media types aren't above crowd-sourcing for info on the interwebs.

There is a gated community on the Space Coast called Ocean Woods, a 304-unit spread on the north end of the barrier island across from the space center. This isn't the first time the infamous name has been linked to the development. The Sandbar might be this Cocca Beach hotspot ("world famous fish tacos"). 

Whether the post is a legit offer or not, it highlights how Anthony-sightings are now a cottage-industry. Our own food blog, Clean Plate Charlie, recently tried to pin down whether Anthony was actually spotted at a Palm Beach County Irish pub in early December. Just toss the name into a Google search with "sightings" and you're in for a strange, warped ride through the febrile imagination of soccer moms and true crime fanatics who work every brown haired 20-something floating through their radar as a possible Anthony.

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