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Craigslist to Pull Adult Services Ads, Leaving Adriana Flowerless

By now, you've probably heard the story about how Craig Newmark started with a simple email chain between friends. And so by now you probably know that Newmark's dream has grown largely to be known for ads like this one from Tia in Fort Lauderdale, who describes herself as a "SEXY THICK STALLION" who offers up her rates by simply calling a phone number.

Or there's this one from Adriana, who says she's "new in town." She offers that you can be "rubbed by a real model." The cost? " 80 flowers for a half hr. session - NO MORE," which I'm going to assume means that she has a tulip fetish.

But there's bad news today for Adriana and Tia. Craigslist has announced that it's pulling the site's Adult Services section following pressure from state authorities, which New Times documented in this recent cover story.

Craigslist officials told Reuters that the site will replace the Adult Services section with a new section that will be screened by Craigslist employees, which I'm assuming here means ferreting out anything illegal.

Craigslist's people say stuff currently in the Adult Services section will be there for another seven days. So if you've got 80 flowers at your disposal, you've got a few days left to get a rub from Adriana.

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