Crazed, Blind, French-Speaking Octogenarian Forces Spirit Air Emergency Landing

All they wanted to do was fly from L.A. to Fort Lauderdale.

About 100 passengers were stuck in Houston on Sunday after an unruly 81-year-old man forced a Spirit Air red-eye flight to make an emergency landing in Texas, according to ABC News. The man was "like, touching everybody," according to one passenger. "He was going to the bathroom, not letting anybody go to the bathroom, come out of their seats, you know, kicking the walls."

The man reportedly could not speak English or see.

Passengers sat on the plane in Houston for two hours, according to Local 10, and then had to deal with another problem: Spirit doesn't fly from Houston to Fort Lauderdale, and "time constraints" prevented the crew already on the plane from continuing on from Houston. Instead of busing a new crew to Houston, however, Spirit instead put all the passengers on a 5-hour bus ride to Dallas to catch another flight. [Correction: Looks like Spirit actually flew a new plane to Houston. Sorry.]

They eventually arrived in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday night, 14 hours behind schedule. Spirit said that customer safety was its top priority and that all of the passengers would be getting a refund. The elderly man was released to family members after the pilot declined to press charges.


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