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Crazed Naked Florida Teen Beats Up Police Dog, Several Officers Before Finally Being Taken Down

For the second time in days, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office deputies found themselves having to try to detain a naked erratic man who not only acted violently but was also nearly impossible to take down.

On Saturday, cops needed a police dog, batons, and a Taser to subdue a 17-year-old male who had attacked another teen and who went on a violent naked rampage toward the responding officers. The teen stood his ground and attacked the officers with a clock while yelling random things and was in a heightened, frenzied state.

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Police were called to the Tropical Country Estates subdivision in the 9000 block of Bracelet Drive in Lake Worth about a burglary Saturday evening.

According to a sworn statement, Conrad Hopper allegedly walked into a home he didn't live in where a teen was feeding his dog. The teen told police Hopper appeared intoxicated and was rambling, not making any sense.

Hopper walked up to the teen, began touching his face, and tried taking off his glasses.

The teen says that's when Hopper took off all his clothes and began shouting out random numbers. The teen called 911.

When cops responded to the call, they found Hopper still inside the home. He was yelling and walking around the house naked with clenched fists, breaking different things.

Police say Hopper was walking around menacingly and yelling out, "5,6,7,8... Grandma! Grandma! Girlfriend! 1,2,3,4!"

Cops surrounded the house and asked Hopper to come out. He did, and when police asked him to lie face-down on the ground, he sat upright, got back up, and charged them.

According to the report, Hopper attacked police with a "large clock, which had numerous sharp utensils protruding from its entire border."

Police say the teen was in "excited delirium" as he came at them.

At this, deputies released a police dog to attack Hopper.

But Hopper grasped the K-9 and began punching it and trying to gouge its eyes out. Officers came at him to help the dog, but Hopper fought them off, punching and kicking the cops. Four officers and the police dog all pounced on Hopper, to no avail. One of the officers struck Hopper with a baton several times in the ribs, but that didn't bring him down either.

During the melee, one officer broke his arm.

Finally, one of the deputies shot Hopper with a Taser from behind, finally bringing the rampaging teen down. He was restrained and cuffed.

Police needed extra help to fully restrain Hopper, including more officers as well as a Palm Beach County Fire Rescue team.

On Wednesday, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office deputies were forced to shoot and kill another crazed naked man described as having superhuman strength. The man, 28-year-old Anesson Joseph, had attacked an off-duty police officer and then attacked another man and bit his face. Joseph was also caught up in a violent, erratic rampage and was nearly impossible to bring down.

Hopper's incident fortunately ended with the use of a stun gun, something that failed to work during Joseph's incident.

Hopper was arrested and charged with occupied burglary, simple battery, battery on a K-9 law enforcement officer, aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, four counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, and criminal mischief.

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