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Crazy-Fancy iPic Movie Theaters Coming to South Florida

​The "ultimate movie redefining entertainment" is coming to South Florida. Boca-based luxury movie theater company iPic Theaters announced plans yesterday for theaters in Boca Raton and Hallandale Beach, the Miami Herald reports.

The theaters will feature leather recliners, blankets, booze, and gourmet food during first-run movies. The Herald says tickets "are likely to range from $12 to $17 during the weekdays and $17 to $25 on weekends," according to the iPic CEO. There are also expected to be restaurant and bar.

The Boca location, in the Mizner Park center, is set to open in May, with the Hallandale Beach location opening...

... at the Village at Gulfstream Park by the end of the year.

Yelp reviews for locations in Scottsdale, Fairview, Texas, and Glendale, Wisconsin, are almost universally positive, though many reviewers recommended the "ultra-premium" seats over the simple "premium" ones; the first-class section gets the recliners and free popcorn.

Several reviewers said prices were excessive ($100 for an outing in one example and $200 for a group of five, presumably with drinks and food), but that kind of seems like iPic's angle. Glendale's Nicole H. weighs in:
I always get turned off when I think of iPic because of the price ($16 for a reserved seat), but I have to admit that the positives of this place far outweigh the negatives and I remind myself that it comes with popcorn, so the price evens out.
Mesquite, Texas,' Jessica "The Skinqueen" M. took a less nuanced approach: "HOLY CRAP THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!!!"

Sounds good to me. Check out the Herald for additional info and the Sun-Sentinel for more pictures.

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