Credo Mobile Creates Super PAC, Immediately Targets Allen West

A cell phone company is jumping into the fight for District 22.

Credo Mobile was founded in the '80s as a long-distance phone service that sent 1 percent of customer charges to "further the causes of human rights, women's rights, peace, environmentalism and an entire progressive agenda." The founders eventually got into the cell phone biz, and now they've started a super PAC and plan to "take down the Tea Party Ten," a group of congressmen they call "racist, sexist, anti-science, hypocritical and downright crazy." They named their first six targets today, and our very own Allen West is right there on the list.

Your move, AT&T.

The PAC's list has West at number six, under the headline "Beyond Crazy." It

 didn't have to look very hard to find evidence -- rest assured, the Nazis are mentioned.

And Credo seems to mean business -- a news release sent out today promises it'll spend $3 million on the races and open field offices in each district. It's not clear exactly when it started taking donations for the "Take Down the Tea Party Ten" campaign, but it announced it this morning and now has almost $10,000 raised online. Federal Election Commission documents show the organization was founded December 8 of last year -- and, somehow, it raised well over half a million dollars by the end of that month. This could be a real thing.

The declaration is more good news for potential challengers sizing up a race against West -- he pointed out over the weekend that his district is one of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's 18 targeted races (he said it was because of "freedom"), and for all the national money West will be attracting from American crazies, it's starting to look like there will be plenty of money against him too.

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