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Crime-Fighting Sharks Help Cops Catch Alleged Stabbing Suspect

It turns out that the large schools of sharks that have invaded our beaches lately are more than just looking for food in the shallows of Palm Beach, Midtown Beach and Boca Raton beaches.

Turns out, they're crime-fighting sharks!

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According to Boca police, a man who allegedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend was finally apprehended after a four-hour standoff thanks to a school of spinner sharks forcing him into their hands.

Paul Charles surrendered to police on Monday after negotiators tried to get him to hand over his knife and turn himself in.

Authorities say Charles, 25, stabbed his girlfriend and her new boyfriend in the chest before running off towards the beach on North Ocean Boulevard.

Apparently Charles ran onto the beach where he told bystanders and beachgoers that he was about to commit suicide as he held a kitchen knife to his own chest.

When cops were called in, Charles waded into the water, still clutching the knife. He stood waist deep in the Atlantic as West Palm Beach negotiators arrived to convince him to come out and surrender.

Authorities feared that Charles would be a victim of hypothermia, with the stand-off lasting close to four hours.

But, not long after, a school of spinners began to swim closer and closer to Charles.

Charles had initially refused to come out of the water for fear of going to jail.

But fear of being lunch won the day, so he came out of the water almost immediately.

The long standoff suddenly ended, and Charles threw down his knife and came out of the water, where he was handed a blanket and promptly arrested.

The stabbing victims were taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Turns out, we have nothing to fear when it comes to thousands of sharks swimming in the shallow waters of our beaches.

Unless, of course, you're a hardened criminal.


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