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Crist Walks Into Democrat-Laid Health-Care Trap

Everybody's still talking about Crist gaffe-ing (lying?) over the Obama appearance, but this quotable moment is, I think, much more precious. Let's pull out a portion of that Sarasota Herald-Tribune article, which asked for Crist's opinion of a Senate Democrat health-care reform package that would allow states to opt out of government-run health care -- the so-called public option.

"My view of it is that the public option I think may be sort of a Trojan horse to a government takeover of health care," Crist said. "And I think our administration has demonstrated that's not what we favor, nor do I think that's what Floridians really want."

But Crist refused to say whether he would support letting Florida "opt out" of the government plan if the Senate proposal becomes law.

"I would rather see them pass something that doesn't have a public option in it," he said.

So he took the bait. Your prospective Florida senator is telling Floridians that they should reject the option of having an option of a public health-care plan. Does that make sense?

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