Crist's Frat Buddy In Hot Water

The Palm Beach Post, Sun-Sentinel, and Miami Herald are sharing stories in the printed publication as well as online, I've been noticing. This morning the Sentinel ran a story by the Miami Herald's Dan Christensen in the local section. I've noticed the practice a couple of times before and note it here purely for documentation purposes. The story itself is breaking news on an old allegation: That local GOP magnate Harry Sargeant over claims his company paid bribes to Jordanian officials to keep an Iraqi oil supply contract. It's a messy business, this one, and I think every time local newspapers write about it, they should be bound to mention that Sargeant is an old fraternity buddy and bigtime contributor to Gov. Charlie Crist. Interestingly, Sargeant introduced the governor to Jordan's King Abdullah during Crist's trip to the mideast in June 2007. It's important to note the connection when one of Crist's best friends and top fundraisers is accused of such dastardly acts.

Also this morning the Palm Beach Post's Kimberly Miller does an article on JuicyCampus.com, a website with content generated by anonymous users. It's a vile little thing, one of the worst examples of what the Internet can bring. College is supposed to be a refuge for making mistakes, not a public-humiliation factory. The site is all about who is a slut, who has herpes, dick size, and every other base topic imaginable. There will be lawsuits. Though the site itself can't be held liable, somebody is going to subpoena the hell out of that site, find out the IP address of some vicious poster and sue him or her. It's only a matter of time. Surprised the Post linked the site in what is essentially a promotion for it. What I'm not surprised about is that it was created by a grad of Duke, the scourge of America.

Also, Dave Hyde has a decent Ricky Williams column this morning. One gripe: He refers twice to Williams' "drug" problems. I think the newspapers should have a standing policy to specify that Williams' issues were with marijuana. It's kind of like saying someone is getting past their criminal record when you're talking about a few speeding tickets. One more quick aside: Tony Sparano is a bad ass. Cameron had a good heart, but he never got his bearings and lacked balls. Wannstedt is a fine fellow, he just didn't seem to have enough brains for the job. Saban ... hell, Saban had no heart. All I'm saying it's nice to have a coach who seems to have both brains and balls and a heart. No telling what Tony S might accomplish.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.