CSI Recruits Cop From Troubled Hollywood PD

Hit cop show CSI Miami is getting a new cast member -- a cop from the Hollywood Police Department. There's no indication yet whether the show is looking to do a ripped-from-the-headlines-type treatment of the new character, who will be played by the usually shirtless Eddie Cibrian. But if so, the writers of CSI have plenty of material. Some possible plots:

* Hollywood's chief admitted back in 1995 that cops had been hired despite psychological problems, criminal records, and troubled pasts. Just the same, the department let them keep their jobs. Cibrian's character could have, say, a drug problem and Capgras delusion. You know, just like Hollywood cops hired in the '90s.

* Hollywood's finest have been caught shaking down pimps and running protection for drug and gambling cartels. This provides the perfect side job for Cibrian's character, running protection and shaking down pimps, his shirt left conveniently in his squad car.

* A Hollywood cop who tested positive for ecstasy and whose squad car was spotted regularly at a bar was later given a promotion. Cibrian's promotion to Miami could have been granted because of his fine work on area barstools, a trait apparently important in Hollywood.

* Male Hollywood cops have a history of harassing female officers and then giving them even more trouble if they testify about it. A flashback scene of Cibrian harassing his fellow cops gives ample opportunity for shirtless scenes.

Need more plot ideas, CSI? Luckily, Hollywood police have provided them.

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