Curtains for Another South Florida Venue

Come May 1, Laffing Matterz, the upscale caberet theatre/restaurant located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, will be shutting its doors. The venue's managers, Rita and Mark Wells, sent an email to patrons last week informing them of the in-house comedy crew's last performance, which will take place April 19 at 8 p.m. Not surprisingly, the economy is to blame for taking away our laughs when we need them most.  

"We called President Obama to ask for a bailout, but all we got was an answering machine," says Rita Wells via email. Maybe if she changed "answering machine" to "lousy T-shirt," the money from annoying sloganed-shirt enthusiasts would save the club. Then again, with a crowd like that, they'd still be screwed.

Tickets for the final show are $31.

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